Antonio López Reche

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Since, 1995 when Antonio finished his Fine Arts degree at Barcelona University and his Erasmus exchange at Central St Martins in London, Antonio’s work has evolved considerably into further fields.
While still producing non figurative pieces, his main focus over the past eighteen years has been to develop a body of work having mythology as the central theme of his figurative bronzes.
While mythology might be the central theme for this group of works, the essence of them is the actual act of modelling and creating forms that convey movement, strength and his interest in capturing the rawness of materials such as clay, wax or plaster into bronze as well as the expressive energy of tools marks and spontaneous modelling

“ It seems impossible to me go forward without having an attempt to find out who we are and where we come from.
As an artist the legacy of the great masters that sets the foundation for what art is throughout history is something that can not be ignored and further more must be seen as a fundamental reference. In my opinion in addition to their technical brilliance and mastership the main reason why the great masters survive the test of time is their gift in depicting or touching something that is universal and that defines human kind beyond temporary trends, something that runs the course of history like a thread that can not be broken and reveals who we are.
 No other human production seems to tell better about who we are unreservedly depicting our virtues and flaws, our grace and darkness, than mythology.  Being Greek Mythology one of the main pillars of western culture and principal reference in history of art it seems to me that in my hope to get closer to learn who we are, mythology is a good starting point”
 Antonio López Reche