Alice Sheppard Fidler

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Alice works in both oil and acrylic, on wood and on canvas.

She is passionate about colour, the play of light and shade, and of texture, enjoying the simple act of a loaded brush against a surface. For her the act of painting is a form a meditation.

She paints still life, landscape and also more abstract work, approaching each subject with the same curiosity and application.

Her current body of work, taking inspiration from the countryside around her in Gloucestershire, is full of drama, enjoying the painted surface rather than focusing on depicting a realistic image of the surrounding fields.

In this countryside, newly explored, Alice has been particularly drawn to the striking contrast between moody grey skies and the glow of wheat, barley and rape seed below.

At art college Alice studied textile design, having always been interested in art and art history in early years. The philosophy of the textile course was to design from the direct experience of painting, often using the still life as a starting point.

During her childhood and student years Alice spent a lot of time in France enjoying galleries, museums and antique markets, collecting objects from an early age.

Her degree led to a career as a textile designer and then as a designer and painter for interiors, specialising in paint finishes and large scale murals.  This in turn led to a career as a set designer for television, film and fashion magazines. Alice continues to create sets for renowned fashion photographers, often using paint as the main medium. Set design allows Alice to work with changing scale and that all important element, light, as well as working as part of a team, in contrast to the solitary experience of painting in a studio.