Original Woodcut Print / by Kellie Miller

Kellie Miller : The Wonder Unseen

Kellie Miller : The Wonder Unseen

My latest print entitled ‘The Wonder Unseen’ has taken over two years to come to fruition, working with a renowned print house, using modern printing techniques alongside the traditional. It is a different direction to how the print house usually works which makes it a perfect collaboration between artist and printmaker. 

It is termed an original print as each print is unique.  The first stage was to create a laser woodcut, followed by me painting a series of backgrounds.  From this series a painting was selected and photographed, and this forms the first layer of the print.  The woodcut was then inked and rolled over this surface.  The density of the ink and pressure applied means that each print varies.  

After the first two stages a further three different silk screens are applied; a lime green, followed by a turquoise following by purple colours.  


The final stage is hand painted by me, which takes 1-2 hours each print.  There are only 35 prints available and I have embarked on producing the first 16, to which the remaining will vary from this first collection.

The 16 available prints' last colour variation is either – gold and orange, gold and red or gold and magenta.   Please get in touch should you want to see, discuss or buy this print.