What do you get a couple that seems to have everything? / by Kellie Miller

With the royal nuptials a few days away, it raises the question; what do you get a couple who seem to already have everything?

Megan and Harry have decided that the best way around this is to gift to charity, a very noble and worthwhile gesture, especially at a time when many charities are struggling to survive.

But for most of us it’s important to mark the occasion with a gift that can be remembered and looked upon as a keepsake; something to reflect on and recall that special day for years to come.

Many a time art can mark a turning point in life.  I have customers who have bought art during a life change; redundancy, inheritance, birthdays, birth of a child and, of course, marriage.

But, how do we go about buying art with confidence for others?

I have put together a list of ‘must have’ favourites to help.  And if you’re still not sure then we can create a gift voucher for the special occasion.  This way they can put it towards something they know they will love.