Let Them Eat Cake / by Kellie Miller

A reflection of my Open House and Sculpture Garden


It is just over a week now since the exhibition closed and I am missing the buzz of the visitors to my house. It has been a magical experience, from talking to people about their creative and spiritual journeys to showing people the works on display and how we developed the space over time.

It has also been fascinating to learn the many ways you travelled to me. The prize most certainly went to the man who walked from Lewes, taking him 3 hours.

So many of you were so determined to see the exhibition, walking from Hassocks station, taking the bus or even just walking down the lane. It reminded me of the song by Brenda Russell ‘Get Here’

You can reach me on an airplane, you can reach me with your mind
You can reach me by caravan, cross the desert like an Arab man
I don't care how you get here, just get here if you can…

However, you got here I was delighted by the number of visitors, kind words and the the overall success of the show making all our hard work pay off. Just as the exhibition came to an end there were some highlights you just missed in the garden.


There were many reasons for people’s visit, be it the art, garden, cake or just curiosity. We had several visits from people who were just interested in the house, equally just to eat cake. Some people just wanted to get away from busy towns and cities to just spend some time in nature. Whatever the reason, you were all welcomed and I appreciated your efforts and hope you will take the time to visit again when we next open in possibly 2 years’ time.

Time will now be spent further developing the space, facilitating and creating artworks to hopefully show you more of what we can do.