Davide Galbiati

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Davide Galbiati is very conscious that as an artist he has a responsibility to make the soul visible to human eyes. He has a wonderful ability to make great sculptures out of wood and concrete.  With his wooden artworks he draws inspiration from the relationship between trees and the human being.  Most recently he wanted to go further as an artist and find new ways to express his creativity through different mediums such as concrete.  This allows him to journey into the unknown and provide new challenges.

His curiosity has led him to experiment with this medium with a strange paradox:  that opposites can work together: on the one hand it is extremely subtle material which transforms itself; on the other a medium which is despised, artificial …and inert. 

Like the medieval alchemist who tried to change lead into gold, Galbiati wants to transform grey concrete into living, breathing stone.  This is what a gifted chemist does. It’s a question of mixing substances, finding the right proportions, controlling the temperature, the level of moisture, the length of time the concrete needs to harden. What he’s trying to produce is a new substance that is more pliable to the wishes of the human hand, yet will also prove more durable and resistant to the passage of Time.

Davide Galbiati working on I’m Ready