Adela Powell

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Adela studied Natural Sciences at Liverpool University, later she attended Plymouth college of Art and Design as a mature student. She loves the versatility of clay. Handling and playing with it allows her ideas to surface, producing potentially exciting and unexpected results.  At other times external stimuli will set off a chain reaction of ideas followed by considerations of how to express them in clay.  Often her challenges are to overcome the technical and aesthetic issues in order to resolve, develop and communicate the meaning within her work.

What she naturally conveys is inspired by nature, landscapes and the sea.  Her works examines layered and eroded rocky surfaces while embracing fragility and the unpredictable.  Adela’s passion for science and modern art are clear influences in her work.
The work is hand built using various techniques, enhancing the tactile, textural qualities inherent in clay, with many layers of oxides, slips and glazes and more recently, organic and inorganic materials.
The work is mainly constructed from a white clay, sometimes incorporating paper clay and porcelain and fired to stoneware temperatures.