Felicity Warbrick

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Felicity Warbrick's work is inspired by the surroundings that fed her imagination as a child growing up and dwelling in the countryside on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales; bothies, barns and farm buildings, den and tree house building and spending most of her time outdoors observing nature.

Her move 5 years ago, to rural Shropshire after 18 years in London consolidated these feelings of a lifelong connection with wild landscape, its architecture, history and significance to her as a creative resource.

Inspiration also comes from found images captured while travelling through landscape on train journeys, as well as an extensive collection of early souvenir travel books, discarded postcards and photograph albums.

She explores and develops ideas, feelings memories of these buildings/landscapes in sculpture (made of soap and bronze), drawing, painting and drypoint. The soap acts as a counterpoint to her drawing in as much as it encourages her to describe space in a different way.

For her there is a clear relationship between these two mediums as each imposes a particular set of constraints that she enjoys working within. The mono print drawing process only picks up a limited detail and the soap can only be carved to a certain thickness before it becomes too fragile to handle.