Finn Dam Rasmussen

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Finn Dam Rasmussen was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark.  After finishing school he studied ceramics between 1967-72.  He was a professional ceramicist with his own studio and gallery situated on the island of Fyn.  During this time he collaborated, trained and exhibited with other ceramists as a member of ‘Dansk Kunsthåndværk’.

In 1978 Finn graduated from Odense University with a degree in Sociology and taught and researched at the University of Roskilde for a number of years. He then decided to open Klassik in 1991, a gallery dedicated to Danish vintage furniture and arts and crafts.  Throughout his teaching years he always held an interest in ceramics and maintained his practice and studio.  

Finn produces contemporary vessels and forms, which are inspired by modern abstract sculpture.  Most of his works are painted with vitreous slips, which he adds in several layers to give the unique surface and colour variations.  The surfaces he creates are a result of many years of experimenting with engobes and glazes.  He often uses salt glazing to enhance the tactile qualities and subtle variations in his work.

Since returning professionally to ceramics in 2007, he works in his studio located in Tisvildeleje where he lives. Since then he has had both solo and group exhibitions in various galleries and fairs in Denmark and abroad including Ceramic Art London.  He is a proud member of the ’Danish Crafts & Design Association”.