Kellie Miller Arts (KMA) Artist Submission Guidelines

Thank you for considering KMA Gallery for representation. We are interested in taking submissions from artists who exhibit a high level of skill in their chosen medium and that show evidence of a strong commitment to professional artistic practice. We require that prospective artists present their works to a high standard.

Due to the demand to exhibit at KMA there are three submission dates

  • January 22th

  • April 22th

  • August 22th

If you feel that you meet the above criteria, we invite you to submit your work for consideration, by emailing the following:

  1. Four to five high quality images of your artwork, sent as email attachments in JPG format. Images should be taken of the entire artwork with the framing visible. Within the image caption should be Artist Name- Title of Piece- Dimensions (HXWXD in cm). In an addition please attach a word document stating list works, dimensions, medium, date produced and gallery price.

  2. Your CV and artist’s statement that lists your awards, honors, exhibition history, memberships, gallery representation, education, and presence in public or private collections. Also please let us know where works have been exhibited in Sussex, including any open houses. Outline your proposed exhibition should this be applicable. Please include address, contact number, website and any social media links.

Unfortunately, if works are not presented to a high standard or information is not in the required format, KMA cannot accept your submission.

Every care is taken to respond to applicants, however please understand that due to the considerable number of submissions received and time involved in reviewing information, it isn’t always possible to respond or offer feedback.

Any unrequested slides, photos, CDs, portfolios or original artworks sent by mail as submissions will not be reviewed and we will not be responsible for returning them to you. We do not accept unscheduled requests to review work in the gallery. Please note KMA only considers limited edition, original prints or prints that are not a direct duplication of an original artwork.

Please note, should your works be of interest to KMA we may require to see the actual works for further selection.

Please send initial submission to