Gregg Anston-Race

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Greg Anston-Race.jpg

Gregg studied Art and Design at College in Cornwall after which he was lucky enough to work for two years in a glass. Glass as a medium fascinates him; it can be organic and tactile, the colours so rich. Although it's been around for centuries, there are still new techniques to be devised.

He was very fortunate in being able to set up his own studio, though he had to work without a wage for the first two years.  While that was difficult it was worth the effort as he is now able to do what he loves – working with glass for a living. 

He loves to experiment with glass, combining ideas and techniques and this has helped him to understand how glass reacts when fired. Understanding the reactions of the glass and how to combine different techniques, allows him to produce the effects seen in 'Interactions' and several other of his vessels.

His work is constantly evolving. Almost as soon as he has made a piece, he wants to produce something better.  Currently he mostly works with glass powders and frit, a medium that allows for a more fluid and less structured work, with interesting combinations of colour