Heather Duncan

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Heather is a Derbyshire based painter, painting from a home studio in a village overlooking a valley in the south of the Peak District.

She takes her inspirations from her everyday life, from landscape, music and poetry, and from memories.  Each painting is drawn from a stream of consciousness, often starting in landscape but moving away from representation and becoming more abstract and expressive.  Always from a consistent starting point, the free covering of the white canvas with washes of colour, that she begins to read or project images intuitively. These then govern the direction of the painting; experiences and observations become filtered and imprinted upon the picture plane over time.

Heather has a deep and strong connection with the expansive, open moorlands of the north of England, where she spent her childhood. This openness into which she escaped, both physically and emotionally, is reflected in her work, together with the varied climatic qualities of a temperate landscape, the mood and the music that it creates within us and of itself.  She finds calm beauty in the grey mist of an October morning, excitement in the gunmetal sky of an approaching summer storm.

She approaches each piece in an open and intuitive way, yet she balances the spontaneity with controlled and considered choices of colour, gesture and mark-making.

Heather has spent the last 10 years committed to painting, as a professional artist, but over 30 years knowing that it was what she needed to do. Painting is her method of making sense of the world and her experiences within it.