Jonidel Mendoza

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Jonidel Mendoza was born in Venezuela and now lives and creates in South Korea.  He studied Fine Arts in the Eloy Palacios School in hometown Maturín, Edo. Monagas, and moved to Caracas in 1998 to pursue studies at the Instituto Universitario de Artes Plásticas Armando Reverón.

Mendoza is an emerging and promising new talent in the Venezuelan art world. His work moves between drawing and sculpture. He uses a variety of materials including industrial fibreglass nettings, aluminium micro-perforated stripes, metallic mesh, platen and wire for his human lightweight shadow figures. He gives great detail and attention to reveal the image by the materials used.

He is interested mostly in the physical and philosophical qualities of the immaterial, which he communicates through transparency and levity. The human shape appears as a suggestion, as an emerging presence. He mainly focuses on bringing back the human figure, not by copying it, not even by creating a possible portrait or reaffirming an identity, but rather as an essence.

Mendoza's art has been exhibited in galleries, museums and art fairs in Caracas, Bogotá and Miami. In 2004 he won the Best Novel Artist prize at a Painting Contest in Maracaibo, Venezuela. In 2006 he moved to Seoul, South Korea where he has been represented at the Seoul International Art Fair. His work is shown at the Museo de Arte de Maracay Mario Abreu, the Universidad José María Vargas and the Banco Industrial de Venezuela foundation.

Jonidel's work can be seen at Kellie Miller Arts from May 2015