Laurence Wallace

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Laurence’s fascination with man-made objects is a long-standing theme that has driven his work since he first studied art. He started with his home environment: documenting its furniture and many domestic objects. As his work expanded he spent many years drawing and painting his home, the surrounding suburban environment and public spaces. He found the details in each held a specific interest for him.

The spaces and objects he depicts are very recognisable, but have a twist on reality. They are not solely representational of what he sees in front of him, but are subtly manipulated.

Laurence’s work is in the tradition of other artists such as Edward Hopper, Vermeer, De Chirico, Cotman and Morandi, all of whom he greatly admires. He works in watercolour, a traditional medium that he manipulates in a personal way.

Recently, Laurence returned to still life as his primary source and has been producing sequences of individual but related paintings. Once he has set up a still life arrangement, he does a quick watercolour study to consider the composition. When satisfied, he then draws up the final arrangement and starts laying on the washes of watercolour, slowly building up the colour with subsequent washes, always working from the objects in front of him. He often changes the colours of objects to suit the composition. The light source is natural and always from the right of the still life.

Since leaving the Royal College of Art in 1978, he has exhibited widely around the U.K including: The Thumb Gallery, The Academy Galley, Pentagram Design Group and The Royal Institute of British Architects, all in London, and Brighton and Kingston Universities, Bracknell Art Centre and Bury Art Gallery Manchester.

This beautiful watercolour painting by Laurence Wallace has a fantastic amount of detail which becomes apparent in this video. Thank you to the artist for the images.