Radek Andrle

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Radek Andrle lives and works in Prague, where he studied sculpture in the Private Vocational School of Art Design.

Although he intended to continue his studies, he was offered the opportunity of working as a specialist sculptor assistant with of one of Czech's leading contemporary sculptor and designer, Olbram Zoubek.

He worked there for almost 14 years and gained a great wealth of knowledge and practical experience.  Since 2011, he has been working on his own as a freelance sculptor.

Andrle is fascinated by the idea of conception and the beginning of life, a theme that is evident in his earlier work.  His recent pieces are inspired by the beauty of the human form, which is clearly captured in his Femme Fatale series.

He does not sketch his work but models his sculptures straight from clay.  This method gives him the opportunity to create a piece from scratch.  He also finds this process more personal and almost intimate as he can feel how the material changes and forms under his hands; at the same time he finds this inspiring.

There are not many artists who work with tin, but Andrle loves this material as it allows him to create an accurate imprint of his model.  Tin is easy to smelt and it enables him to use very vibrant and rich colours.  His unique alloy of metals is more resilient and, therefore, suitable for exterior display, but it still presents the same qualities and characteristics as tin.

He is an artist, as well as a craftsman with a great understanding of many materials and loves experimenting with them.  He knows how materials react and how to use them to their best potential as a means to express himself.

Radek’s work can be seen regularly at Kellie Miller Arts.