Rik Ward

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Rik Ward began an art degree in 1981 at Middlesex Polytechnic. As an illustrator, he worked in advertising, publishing and television. Rik also produced mixed media art and had occasional commissions and sales. He also taught undergraduates.

In 1996, illness forced Rik to stop work and doing anything creative. He was able to resume working in 1999. He eventually took up art again as a form of therapy and later taught art and computing to older adults (2011-present).

On holiday in Italy (2014) Rik used a new camera. As with his art, he had a somewhat maverick approach towards learning photography. Consequently, he happened upon an innovative way to combine several images to create what he now calls ‘photo-fusions’, to distinguish them from conventional photo-composites.

Rik exhibited his new works in some SE London galleries in 2016. He soon joined The Camera Club, the UK’s oldest, in Kennington. Members’ first sight of his work caused quite a stir: in September 2018 sixteen large-scale works were greeted with acclaim and intrigue at his first solo show. Each work was a colourful blend of multiple images combining views of various European cities with more mundane images and textures. Despite a flurry of requests, Rik is not ready to reveal his exact technique. It’s a discovery that anyone could make; he believes that his experimental approach to painting enabled him to explore the potential of optimising software in ways not typical in conventional photography. He actively encourages fellow photographers to ”think outside the box”!

Rik’s earliest photo-fusions were an exciting development, but it took two years of further experimentation to reach his current standards. He is passionate about seeing his work develop further – in terms of subject and technique - as his photographic explorations continue at home and abroad.