Trevor Scobie

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Trevor Scobie was born in Brighton and worked as a professional Illustrator, designing and painting book covers for London publishers for over 30 years, from James Bond novels to conceptually lead science fiction covers for Ray Bradbury and Puffin Classics amongst others.

For the last five years his passion for studying and painting in oils has produced a series of work inspired by the Sussex Coast, focusing on the ever-changing scene at low tide. Each piece develops over months, capturing a single moment in nature with precision and detail, celebrating the beauty of its impermanence, producing a series of collections exhibited at numerous exhibitions.


Trevor’s new coastal impressions collection of oils on board and paper are organic tidal landscapes using textures observing the essence of the turbulent and transient nature of ever changing weather, erosion on rocks and shoreline geology and creating surfaces in abstract form in sea and landscapes. Capturing these turbulent expanses mirrors the ever changing state of our own lives.