Vilas Silverton

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Vilas's ceramics and paintings are inspired by his inner life of prayer and meditation. He finds that this informs what and how he makes and viewers often comment on the qualities they get from the pieces, such as joy, happiness and peace.

He is keen to show alternatives to the accepted view of what constitutes spirituality. As such, his current works are less like the saints of the past but rather the saints-in-making of tomorrow. They do not show idealised versions of holiness, but rather flawed personalities, like himself, that are on their own inner journey.

His visual language combines sources such as: Haniwa pottery, Indian folk art, cartoons, soft toys, and street art.

He studied ceramics at UWE Bristol under Walter Keeler, Mo Jupp and Nick Homoky, graduating in 2000. In addition to creating his own ceramics, he stayed at UWE to 2008, working as a technician in Enamel (glass on metal) with Elizabeth Turrell. They worked together on large scale public commissions and experimental projects.

During a career break he lived and worked in Iceland. Upon returning to the UK he completed an MA at Bath Spa University in 2014.