Open House and Garden Preparations - The Garden / by Kellie Miller


We have been planning the outdoor space for some months now in order for it to be presentable for the open house. It hasn’t been a matter of gardening, more like land clearing and tidying, involving chainsaws and wood chippers. Our main goal is to ensure that the space doesn’t look like a building site, but the beginnings of a fantastic garden!


You will see the enormous potential of the space, which is sited on nearly 3 acres of mainly woodland. It isn’t hard to see why we fell in love with Bluebell Cottage. With the daffodils nearing the end of their blooms, I am hoping the bluebells will be out in their full glory in time for the festival. I am starting to see leaves appearing too and I am looking forward to watching the space evolve over the coming weeks.


Family, friends and neighbours have all been so supportive, lending a hand to clear, plant, paint, position sculpture and help where needed. Without them we wouldn’t have been so far forward with our plans, so thank you.


We have a secret gardener, one of our neighbours who is so taken by the garden and the project, that he comes from time to time to cultivate. Sometimes it is a matter of spot the difference, as we never know when he might come and there is so much to do that even big changes can easily be missed!

The exhibition and space will be truly magical once we are open. I hope you will agree when you visit.