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Form and Beauty

  • Kellie Miller Arts 20 Market Street Brighton BN1 1HH (map)
Paulina X Miranda : Francesco

Paulina X Miranda : Francesco

To create, I believe, requires a balance of concept, design and craft.  The intention of the creator will define whether it will be classified as Art, Design or Craft.

With art the focus will be predominately on the concept, to actualize it will require some design and to bring a piece to fruition will always need a skill- the craft.

Craft tends to define itself by the techniques required to produce the object.  You can determine a maker’s or artist’s intentions by their focus on whether it is important to them to how the piece is created or what the piece is saying.

Likewise a designer’s preoccupation will be on function, does the object or project do as it intended. However, the balance of the craft (execution) and concept (the art) will be evident too.

I recognise the art, design and craft in many things and the varying degrees of focus and intention, by the creator and by what has been produced.

It is important to me to place works in environments so that each piece speaks for itself, so that works can be celebrated for its form, texture and beauty.

I have invited three artists that balance concept, design and craft in a nuanced way. 

German Sculptor Klaus W. Rieck sculptures' sumptuous forms appear simple; he employs minimalist shapes that allow the materials to sing.  His works emanate an almost Buddhist feeling, yet arriving to a simplistic approach is always far from simple.

Klaus W. Rieck : Sign

Klaus W. Rieck : Sign

The strength of his pieces is the need to understand by touch.  The urge to touch 3D or textured pieces is a need to engage further and learn about the materials and how it is produced.

Chilean artist Paulina X Miranda’s paintings flow from art, design and craft effortlessly.  She takes her inspiration from many art forms; literature, poetry, music and historical figures, and hence her works have a rich visual vocabulary, embracing nature and beauty.  I believe to aspire to harmony and beauty in one’s work is a powerful message never to be considered frivolous.  While life can be dark at times, it is wonderful to look for the light that art can bring.

Dutch ceramist Maria Ten Kortenaar’s  beautiful ‘Flowerbomb’ series of ceramics was inspired by a UK trip to  Wakehurst Place.  Maria has perfected using porcelain to produce abstract vessels that convey two stories the written and unwritten.  The internal whiteness of the porcelain represents the beginning and the unknown, whereas the surface external area tells of the now and what has gone before.  Using a technique called Nerikomi or inlay she creates the outer surface of her vessels, which she calls the emotional layer.  She colours small pieces of the clay and builds up her forms bit by bit, creating a disjointed pattern that catches the eye.  The simplicity of the forms, juxtaposes the harmony and disharmony of somewhat rhythmic created pattern.  

Maria ten Kortenaar : Big Flowerbomb

Maria ten Kortenaar : Big Flowerbomb

Exploring the works of Rieck, ten Kortenaar and Miranda I hope you too will see the form and beauty in this exhibition.

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