Lesley McInally

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Lesley’s series of clay works examines the relationships between the natural landscape and ancient abandoned stone structures that have been transformed through time by the force of the elements and generations of human contact and interaction. The relationship of landscape, weather and the archaeological sites of Neolithic chambers and monuments found in the Orkney Islands have had a profound impact on her ceramic career.

During her study and exploration of these landscapes, Lesley became increasingly intrigued by the historical graffiti encapsulated within and on these monuments, it was evident to her that each layer was part of a continuous journey.

This aspect of an historical narrative has been the predominant influence in her most recent body of work. In order to convey her ideas, she developed a method of multi-layered surface techniques using paper clay, ceramic pigments, coloured porcelain engobes and glazes, recognising that clay has a memory and every mark is never lost. Building up layers and reworking the surface over a period of time creates a diary in itself, an historical narrative on clay, a palimpsest.