Patricia Shone

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Photo : Shannon Tofts

Photo : Shannon Tofts

Patricia Shone studied at Central School of Art in the 1980’s and has been working full time in ceramics for the last 20 years, living and working on the Isle of Skye.

The powerful landscape around the Isle of Skye has informed her ceramics. The surfaces of the land eroded by forces of climate and human intervention are the inspiration for the textures on her forms.

The natural textures of clay are similar to the patterns of erosion and decay in the geology of the land.  She aims to achieve a tension between the spontaneous patterns of texture and the formality of a vessel form. She creates vessels, boxes, bowls and jars because they represent innately human vessels of containment. There is another tension there too, between the natural and the human.

Her pieces are made by hand; building and throwing, texturing, stretching and carving. Colours are achieved using slips, oxides and glazes but most of all by the firing processes. She uses raku firings for soft earthenware blacks and greys; wood firing for warm earth tones and glazed stoneware; saggar firing within the wood kiln for dark greys and glazed stoneware. This gives her a wide range of textures and densities of ceramic surface and body.

In 2012 Patricia was awarded the Craft & Design Magazine Gold Award in ceramics. She was selected for Ceramic Art London 2016 & 2017 and has shown work with Craft Scotland at Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show 2011; Sofa Chicago 2013; American Crafts Council show Baltimore 2017.