Rachel Williams

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Born in New Zealand Rachel studied printmaking with one of the country’s pre-eminent artists - John Drawbridge. After graduating she left for London where she spent several years running a design business. In order to find more time to print, make and paint she moved to Umbria, Italy in 2006, where she has been living and exhibiting for the last ten years. Missing the sea, she is now starting a new phase and is beginning to spend more time in the UK on the Sussex coast.

Rachel works across several disciplines from oil on canvas and wood panel through to paper and plastic. From her first love - printmaking - comes the need to make the transferred marks which permeate her work. The theme of similarity and difference provides much of the background to her practice. Perceptions of sameness, repetition, subtleties of difference perceived or actual pepper her output. Rachel rarely uses a brush but instead prefers to scrape and imprint the paint onto the surface using a variety of often mundane objects such as cardboard, acetate, cloth and bubble wrap.
Much of her work is inspired by landscape both rural and urban. She spends a lot of time exploring the way we see landscape and environment and the mark that man makes on the land through agriculture, road building and urban development.  

The process behind Rache Williams' paintings