Margaret Curtis

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Margret has been making ceramics for more than thirty years now and is largely self-trained, working alongside her husband in their studio at Middle Rigg.

Her best works are made when she is in a particular state of mind; relaxed and calm, thoughtful but not too forcefully engaged. When she achieves this state, the work flows almost automatically, like she's not really in control but an observer of what is being born from my efforts. Her work is the antithesis of the mass-produced and immaculately mastered, and as such seeks to avoid perfection.

Her interest lies with the beauty of imperfection, a beauty that can be born from ageing, from natural decay, from surfaces that have become patinated with wear, weathered or uniquely deformed. It is these qualities that inform and inspire her.

The challenging nature of her work requires her to blend her own dark clay body to which she then applies various coatings and textures, resulting in a multi-layered work with infinite depths. She then commits this work to a large, exciting and noisy oil fired kiln and allows the flames to impinge on the surfaces to create interesting nuances and interactions.

She exhibits her work regularly throughout Europe and has shown her tea bowls in Tokyo and at the Embassy of Japan in London.

Watch the process behind Margaret Curtis' making her celadon ceramics.